A great bear owned by Doorsh


A great bear acquired by Doorsh Zahrn about six months ago for his bear-baiting competitions. Currently Prince is undefeated by orc, ogre, or beast, and prisoners are forced to fight him to their death.

It turns out that Prince is actually the same prince Auric, son of Osric that the adventurers have been searching for. He fell victim to a curse placed on him by Doorsh’s shaman, Lershbon. He has been brutally beaten and forced to participate in the bear-baiting competitions against his will. There is a collar around his neck, placed there by Lershbon and held by magic that only Doorsh has the key to. It is perhaps this collar that is forcing him to remain in bear form. The only way to remove it will be to retrieve the key from Doorsh.

Prince is now assumed to be rampaging through the orc camp, intent on revenge against Doorsh and his other captors.


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