In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Weekend at Luurshbaan's

How did I let things go this far?

While resting in the aftermath of the battle, a messenger arrives to fetch Lurshbaan. With quick thinking, Klara is disguised as the shaman, and Buddy as an assistant. A bit of deception and intimidation you are led straight to Doorsh’s chambers, and note his absence. Following a passageway, you emerge into an arena where Auric is being led to fight a troll for the amusement of the crowd. Doorsh sits in his throne where you approach him and instigate an attack. Doorsh and his minions are quickly slain and a rousing speech to the masses seems to get the message across that he was not worth following.

In the aftermath, a Rock-like ogre with blue skin and menacing presence threatens you and mentions you have inconvenienced his plans. He makes no real attempt to pursue you as you flee while hill giants make their way across the gorge. You escape the encampment with Auric, now freed of his shackles and curse, and proceed back to civilization.


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