In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Ursine Adventures and Menacing Manticores

Wherein you find a Prince and kill a shaman.

You begin in the aftermath of the ambush. Deciding to scatter the amulets, the Theyla and Buddy use their skills to convince squirrels to take them away. You then travel to the Great Gorge and the old elven village where Doorsh has set his camp. You infiltrate the caves as per Ashtok’s advice, where you find Prince and some other bears. You discover Prince is really Auric and has been bewitched by Lurshbaan. You proceed further into the caves, dispatching orcs and ogres with extreme prejudice. You follow a disused path in attempts to avoid notice, and passing oozes and rust monsters, you find Lurshbaan’s tower. You confront him and destroy him, along with his quasit familiar, and a manticore who seemed to be overseeing Lurshbaan.


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