In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Geography and Culture of the Southern Shire

Celebrating Life and The Land's Bounty

If there is one thing that stands out about the Shire is the inland sea that dominates the western edge of the region and forms the border with the High Marches.

According to legend, it was here that Gruumsh One-Eye had slammed his axe during his epic battle with Corellon Larethian. While such a fanciful explanation sounds preposterous to the modern historian, archaeological evidence does show that Elven and Orcish civilizations had long co-existed in this area long before the arrival of man. The geographic names such as “Green Lord’s Wound” given to the rift valley and it’s escarpments and “Hanali’s Tears” given to the cataphracts which drain the High Marches into the Shire.

When men would settle in these lands they chose Armand for it’s central location, but needed an are nearby to focus on agriculture. The soil in the High Marches was too unstable for permanent buildings and the coasts were plagued by fierce storms. The Shire was found to be sparsely populated by Orcs and so men set about building a system of irrigation canals to aid in transport and provide water to farms.

The rapid deforestation alarmed the elves and lead to a brief war between elves and men which was settled by the Treaty of Ingwe. This treaty established the Ancient Order of the Green Lord, a knightly order which serves as the main military force and justice arm of the Church of the Green Lord. This church is made up of elves and men who see that regardless of what gods each person will worship, Life is what really matters and their dogma is closely tied to preserving life and eradicating those threats to the natural order such as undead and monstrosities.

Recently however, the University of Polema has arisen a a challenge to the power held by the Church of the Green Lord which teaches that scientific inquiry is more important than ancient superstitions and that men and their industry are the rightful stewards of the land.


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