In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Funerals and Ogres

Wherein you are given new directions, find some ogres, and see some new sights.

The scene opens at Constable Richmond Dernhelm‘s funeral. You learn Kelvin’s Pass is closed due to a combination of unusual bandit activity on the northern side and heavy snows making travel too difficult. You arrive at Watchington Heights to see it destroyed and inhabited by a few ogres, whom you readily dispatch. Finding evidence of both the Baron’s and the Earl’s guard, you proceed in worry for the safety of your friends Jonas Lehrman and Fenric Michelsohn. Arriving in Ferringway, you opt to visit Earl Osric‘s castle. Informed that he is indisposed at the moment, you are instructed to wait at the Green-Eyed Cat in Ferringway for word. Going to town, you learn from the watch that a merchant with guard fitting the description of your friends was seen arriving in town some days ago. You stay the night at the Green-Eyed Cat, where you learn that Fenric had been there, but was summoned to the Earl’s castle some days ago. You also hear some rumors that the recently constructed portion outside the stone walls is subject to the hauntings and wanderings of spirits. In the morning a messenger arrives to tell you Earl Osric will see you now.


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