In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Durbin's Journal IV: Into the Necropolis

Moon Day, 3rd of Spirit Month

It was on the morning that we had descended the cliffs and met Michael Ferryman who would take us across the lake and behind the water fall where the Necropolis is located. He seemed anxious and quickly pulled his boat back. He even mentioned “if we survived” which had an ominous ring to it.

Once inside we found an acolyte who was all alone and cowering in fear in a closet. He had confessed to locking the priest and a group of townsfolk attending a funeral because he saw some zombies or some such. It would be interesting to find another Necromancer’s notes if they survived and I can compare my own research, but first we have to take care of the problem of the out of control undead terrorizing the cities.

While hunting for undead and searching for the townsfolk, Buddy, Thela and I discussed funeral rites.

Buddy says his people do not bury their dead, but put them into a pit and allows them to decompose naturally to be part of nature again. He says locking the dead into a prison like a tomb makes them a target for necromancers to create zombies. I believe letting a corpse rot is not only unsightly, but is a greater risk as it can spread disease, not to mention be a magnet for Kamunu who prowls the earth looking for fresh corpses to harvest their souls.

Thela however says that burning them immediately, is the only solution and that by burning them their soul goes back into the forest immediately. I feel like this is rather disrespectful and it also prevents any chance of Resurrection or study for science.

I shared that our own rites involve spirit water and two coins. That the spirit water is a ward from spreading further disease and the metals in the coins serve to ward against Kamunu or his agents.

In one chamber I discovered to my horror that we are not dealing with a simple zombie infestation which comes about from careless misuse of magic, but these were ghouls which are formed by a much more powerful magic, possibly even Kamunu himself!

I also came across two preserved skeletons of humans and it was time to see if my research had finally worked. After a few minutes of making the sigils and applying spirit water to the skulls the piles of bone were animated into full skeletons and instead of viciously attacking myself or the rest of the part they just kind of stood there watching the doors. When Thela objected about how this was evil, the one I have named Rick made a gesture asking if I should kill her. I told them no, these are friends, you will follow me and guard me.

We came into a great chamber and heard voices. I asked Rick and Morty to get inside the portable hole and wait until it is all clear. They seemed very scared of the voices.

Down below we found that in a pile of rubble was the priest and the towns people. I got us safely down and right when I was tending to the one wounded person, we were surrounded by ghouls and even a few ghasts. We bravely fought off the ghouls and I tended to the townspeople while Lady Baelish performed a rite that prevented the ghouls from advancing on the townsfolk.

This place has definitely felt the taint of Kamunu! I will not have the time to tend to each corpse in this necropolis and Lady Baylish cannot keep her ward up forever. I will have to inquire the priest to see if he can perform the rituals to ward a corpse from being tainted by the influence of that first wizard!


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