In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Cobwebs and Flame

Wherein spiders die, things are burned, you talk to cows, and the druid flies.

Leaving the place where you found Bobbi and Olga, you make your way to the cave in the forest. Along the way you find an elf named Kaeleer snared in a web-trap. After he is freed, introductions are made, and he decides to travel with you to investigate the spider situation. Inside the cave you find a mass of webs hiding traps, and more spiders. You kill many and set fire to some of the webs. In the back you find the desiccated corpses of victims: animals and humanoid, though none you recognize. The crevice in the center of the cave revealed a mass of webs forming a sort of nest, with more bundles inside. With no sign of the ettercap, Bud lights a torch and sets fire to the nest, and the party leaves for Ruremburg. The spiders seem less menacing on the rest of your journey, though signs of them are prevalent throughout most of the area. After a rest, you come upon the plain outside Ruremburg, it’s bells mournfully tousled by the winds. You speak with a cow and discover one or more days ago a group of orcs were in the city. Theyla takes flight as a bird and scouts the city, spotting two orcs lazily guarding the entrance to a large church. Also spotted are groups of feral-looking dogs scavenging the city for food. Returning to the forest you approach the fallen city and make plans.


“We tracked down the spiders for the little dragon. A strange elf has succumbed to their trap. He also seems to be investigating the Orc and Ogre activity in the area. The witch seems to think that it would be best to work with him. I begrudgingly follow her advice this time. The spiders live in a dangerous hole with traps littered about. There is no doubt something stranger than spiders live here. With them [spiders] vanquished the true foe does not show his face. We have no time to waste here for little dragons. I burn it down to save the forest, but no one agrees with my methods.”

“We march to Ruremburg, Skohla the Rain Spirit smiles upon us. A storm will conceal our advancement into the city. The abandoned livestock let us know that orcs still roam the streets, but they come and go often. This journey is making no sense. For 18 months this town has laid in ruin. It has been six months since the Earl’s son has been missing. I say he is dead, and we should fortify the passes to the south but my friends think it wise to investigate the orcs.”

Cobwebs and Flame

We left the cave burning what dark creatures remain. Greythorn is practical and brutal a very useful combination. Still I would not turn my back to him in battle. I saw him battle in the pits and there was no one more ferocious. We found an elf in the woods and he seems much like his kind that I’ve met before. We need all the help we can get if we are to challenge an orc in charge of such powerful creatures as ettins. Ruremburg lies in ruins before us let us see the creatures that await.

Cobwebs and Flame
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