In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

The Ambush

The Grey Thorn's Point of View

The orc from the chapel tells us that his chief is no friend of Ashtok. We headed north to speak with Ashtok, and learn information about the one called Doorsh. He tells us that Doorsh is in league with an ogre-mage, and more troubling his spiritual leader, the shaman Lurshbaan, has found a way to pervert the ritual in making Orogs. Ashtok holds an a fortified position known as the Elftooth, a strange black obelisk west of the forest. There is a cave system that runs into it that we can exploit to sneak in, and that is how we decide to envade. We show Ashtok the strange inverted Eye of Gruumsh that we found on Kurshoth’s body. The Orc chief grew pale in terror. This must be tied to the perverted ritual Doorsh is using to empower his army. We must leave now and destroy the Eye. We set out with more knowledge on where Doorsh is and how expansive his holdings are. Just outside of the woods the wizard uses his magicks to discern that the eye can be used to track the location of the one who holds it. He says the ritual can go both ways, and the trackee can become the tracker. It appears that another Eye is heading for us.

I am furious with these orcs, and tell my comrades to hide in the bushes. I will take down this ambush parties champion on my own, and then we can know just how powerful Ashtok’s allies are. I see the one-eyed orc riding untop a monstrous wolf flanked by more orcs riding on wolves. I tell him that I killed Kurshoth and he is next to die. Insults fly as he charges at me and his monster-wolf breathes an icy blast chilling me to the bone. Enraged I lose myself in the bloodlust that takes me too easily now. I thought I had escaped my past, but it seems it is creeping back into my life. When I come to, everyone is dead except my elf friends. We know that the orcs are weak, and now we march to bring death to Ashtok.


Wgglz_McLstr dwalker86

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