In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Ornery Orcs and Electric Ettins

Wherein you evade wildlife and destroy an orcish scouting party.

After arriving at Ruremburg, you locate the building the orcs are using as their shelter. Traveling through the ruins, you evade the packs of wolves, but decide to remove the threat of the winter wolf. Sneaking to the rear of the chapel, you break in and summarily destroy a one-eyed orc named Kurshoth Lushkladzh and his companions. The ettin Balsh-Gorn sleeping in the corner wakens and is quickly dispatched with weapon and lightning. A final orc is taken prisoner who accuses you of being mercenaries of Ashtok Gorshk, the orc chief of Kor Vashtaan. After maiming and disfiguring him, you send him into the rain and proceed north to see what Ashtok might provide to the situation.


“We have approached the city. The druid warns of roaming dogs that may alert whoever holds the cathedral of our presence. The stormy conditions will do well to hide our scent. The elf-witch used her magics to trick the beasts we encounter to avoid us from detection. However, something does not smell right. An uneasy feeling is churning in my stomach as I stalk the ruins of this once prosperous city. We stumble across a pack of wolves with one of the beast larger than I had ever seen before. The druid tells us it is known as a “Winter Wolf”; a beast of formidable intelligence whose presence signals something sinister is afoot. The witch uses her hexes to make the Winter Wolf’s pack run off from it, but it senses something is afoot and reluctantly follows the witch’s plan. With mere seconds we burst forth from the alleys we were slinking about in and overrun the giant wolf once it was cut off from its pack."

“We get to there church, and I can here the language of my ancestors being spoken. Why are they here like filthy carrion animals. There is no honor in this. The witch tells us we should sneak in through the back. What I see enfuriates me. These orcs mill about in an abandoned building with no purpose. My unease filling erupts into a blood lust wherein everything is hazy. I can here the screams of my enemies and calls of my friends, but everything is muddled in my anger. When I come too I am standing in front of a coward who is begging for his life. Bodies of orcs and a monster litter the ground of the once holy site.”

“We question this coward on why he is betraying a pact made between the Chief and the Earl. He speaks of a new Chief backed by a blue-skinned ogre and a shaman. They wage war one the humans to reclaim some of their ancestral holdings. Duty compels us to ask of what happened to Earl’s son, and what was told fills me with hatred. The captives of these cowards and taken away to fight against a bear as a slave. I will break these coward and send him to his pitiful master bearing the message, ‘The Grey Thorn is coming…’ No one should live like a slave forced to fight, and I can not let this stand buy. Doorsha and Prince will die by my hands before this is through.”

Ornery Orcs and Electric Ettins
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