In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Eyes and Ambush

Wherein you speak with the Chief and waylay waylayers.

You travel through the rain north to Kor Vashtaan to speak with Ashtok Gorshk. Greeted by the city patrol, you surrender your weapons and are brought to the chieftain. You discuss many things with him and gain valuable information regarding Doorsh Zahrn and his shaman Lurshbaan Garnzhog. You learn there is an ancient rite known as the Ritual of the Eye, in which a warrior deprived of his eye gains blessings from the orc god, and become an Eye of Gruumsh. This is possibly tied to a landmark near Doorsh’s camp, known as the Elf Tooth, a strange obelisk once used to commune with the elven deities. The strange amulet worn by the orc you slayed is also tied to this ritual, creating a bond between others wearing them.

After gaining all the information you seek, you use the amulet to discover another Eye of Gruumsh comes your way. Together you set an ambush in the forest, and after some rough and tumble action, you are once more victorious.


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