In the Shadow of the Ettinspire

Durbin's Journal III

Storm Day 26th of Hay Month

Today we met with A’shtoq and learn where Dorche was located. This corroborated with the information we had gathered from interrogating the Orc yesterday. We also gathered more information about Dorche and his Lieutenants. Our fears of an Ogre Mage were also confirmed.

Dorche is a special Orc that has been blessed by Luthik an Orcish Deity, and he has been creating his own special troops known as the Eye of Groosh. We showed him the holy symbol we had looted from Kirchoff and A’shtoq grew pale and told us we must leave at once.

I spent some time studying the amulet and discovered a faint glow of divination. Then I discovered why A’shtoq was so afraid. That amulet was a tracking device and it was leading an Orc Search party directly to us! Stupid Fool! I should have analyzed it the previous night as soon as I had the chance, but now my folly has put us into danger, and quite possibly endangered the lives of A’shtoq as well. I mean I know he’s only an Orc, but he genuinely fears Dorche’s army and his band is too small and weak to withstand a full onslaught.

We were able to set up an effective ambush, and I was able to knock out one lone orc to keep him alive for questioning. After the battle in the church last night, I didn’t want to risk having every last orc slain and there is no way to communicate with the dead.

Ive learned that there 10 other such amulets. 8 are within Dorche’s Stronghold, 2 are further to the south. We must act quickly before Dorche decides to send his full might upon us or A’shtoq or even worse Farringway.


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